Rapid documentation powered by AI!

How much is your time worth? iTreatMD is on a mission to cut out every extra minute you spend on administrative tasks. Find out how you can leverage technology to generate encounter notes in under two minutes!


We are pioneering the next generation of certified Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). Unleashing the power of AI and machine learning, we radically redefine workflows and documentation process to significantly reduce clinician burnout.

Increase your total monthly revenue by over 45%!

Our solution radically shortens your documentation time to under two minutes! Fully integrated with multiple EMRs as well as third-party applications, we provide detailed analytics and visibility into clinical data for patients, monitoring outcomes as well as financials.

Hospital-grade technology in the outpatient space

Doctors are spending 49% of their day documenting patient encounters, but only 27% on patient care…we are changing that! Our solution is comprised of 3 core pieces:

Smart Workflow

Simplify documentation process

Clinical AI

Improve clinical decisions and patient care

Reporting & Analytics

Easy analytics to improve claims and billing